Strong Economy

Oakville is all about economic opportunity, growth and success, no matter what industry sector you represent.

Oakville has a robust economy made for business

Our economic indicators show the big picture: from nearly full employment to higher-than-average household incomes. 

Source: Environics Analytics, 2023 Estimates; *Statistics Canada, 2021 Census.
*Some numbers have been rounded.

Access to major markets

Just west of Toronto, Oakville is the ideal location for companies of all sizes. With connections to Canada's largest city — the country's corporate capital and economic powerhouse — Oakville is right in the centre of the action that drives business.

From here, you gain quick access to two international airports and the US border. Toronto Pearson International, Canada's largest airport, is less than a half-hour drive from Oakville and offers well over 921 flights daily* to all the places that companies want to reach.

*Source: GTAA Annual Report, 2022

Home base for major employers

We are the location of choice for many Canadian headquarters. Join our distinguished roster of companies such as Ford Canada, Siemens Canada, Collins Aerospace and Geotab.

Oakville's key sectors

Oakville's industry strengths include:

  • Professional Services
  • Digital Media, ICT and Film
  • Life Sciences, and
  • Advanced Manufacturing. 

In Oakville, businesses in these sectors have access to the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area's exceptional talent pool, excellent educational resources, proximity to Canada's corporate and cultural capital, and accessibility to domestic and international markets. 

Key Sectors

Competitive costs

Businesses in Oakville benefit from the competitive cost environment in Canada and Ontario where overall business costs are some of the lowest of all G7 and OECD countries. Oakville's local costs such as land, taxes and development charges are competitive, compared to other communities in the Greater Toronto Area.