Digital Media, ICT and Film

In addition to digital media, Oakville is home to companies working in information and communications technology, film production and more!

Leaders in digital media

Oakville has the people, partners and business knowledge to bring new technology to the world. 

Sheridan College, one of the world's leading animation centres produces some of the top talent in the world - sought after by major companies like Disney and Pixar.

More than just digital media

Oakville is home to companies working in the areas of information and communications technology and filming as well. 

Industry sub-sectors in Oakville include cyber security, software programming, gaming, telematics, computer systems design, broadcasting and film production, media design services and data centres.

Companies in these areas are also taking advantage of our local talent and we're seeing continuous growth in jobs year over year. 

Sheridan College: A world class animation centre

Sheridan College’s world-class animation and digital arts graduates and faculty are shaping the way the world sees, hears and thinks. 

With a dynamic and growing digital media cluster, Oakville is a leader in Canadian applied technology. In the exciting world of digital media and technology, Sheridan College is  unmatched. It was the first school to begin teaching computer animation. 

Their world-renowned Computer Animation Program has launched many prominent careers while breaking new ground in the entertainment, advertising and gaming industries.

Government investment

The digital media and technology industry receives support from federal and provincial governments through investments, tax credits and funding grants. Ontario Creates provides information on these programs.

Through government services such as the Ontario Media Development Corporation, the Ontario Interactive Digital Media Tax Credit and many other funding programs, Oakville’s technology and media companies have access to  a world of resources for financing growth and success.

Filming in Oakville

Filming gear

The perfect backdrop for the film and television industry!

The Economic Development office provides a one-stop shop for filming in the community. To start the permit process and determine applicable fees, please submit a film request. The Film Liaison will be in contact with you to coordinate the upcoming film project in Oakville.

Submit a film request

Innovation Ecosystem

Oakville has a strong innovation ecosystem. With a campus in Oakville, Sheridan College produces local talent for local companies. Graduates go on to work for companies in Oakville that are pushing the boundaries on new technologies and for supporting organizations that help technology companies accelerate their growth. 

Organizations like Sheridan College, Haltech and Silicon Halton help our local companies innovate, collaborate and accelerate their potential.  

Sheridan College

  • World leader in the field of digital animation academic programs; programs have produced Academy Award winning animators
  • Program areas include television and film; computer programming; game development; animation; information sciences; interactive media management; communications technology; visual effects and web design
  • Local companies take advantage of the talent produced at Sheridan College

Sheridan College

Innovation Factory

  • A business accelerator helping technology companies and innovators reach their full potential by offering business services, training, mentorship, and strategic connections. 
  • Accelerates the development of companies, helping them launch new products, reach global markets, increase revenues, attract investment, and leverage intellectual property. 
  • Innovators can also access sector-specific resources, including a formal life sciences and health innovation ecosystem.

Innovation Factory

Silicon Halton

  • Grassroots high tech community focused on technology, community and growth
  • Represents growing high-tech companies throughout Oakville and Halton Region
  • Promotes members and Halton as a global technology hub
  • Support technology leadership and social networks
  • Offers services such as meetups, Peer2Peer groups and workshops

Silicon Halton

Source: *Statistics Canada, Canadian Business Counts, December 2023 - businesses with employees.

Source: Halton Region Employment Survey, 2022.

Employment Statistics - Digital Media, ICT and Film Industries

Number of establishments with one or more employees in the Digital Media, ICT and Film Industries

Industry NAICS Code and Description# of Establishments
3342 - Communications equipment manufacturing2
3343 - Audio and video equipment manufacturing0
3345 - Navigational, measuring, medical and control instruments manufacturing12
3399 - Other miscellaneous manufacturing27
4173 - Computer and communications equipment and supplies merchant wholesalers20
4191 - Business-to-business electronic markets, and agents and brokers72
5121 - Motion picture and video industries39
5122 -  Sound recording industries4
5132 - Software publishers26
5161 - Radio and television broadcasting stations6
5174 - Satellite telecommunications1
5179 - Other telecommunications15
5182 - Data processing, hosting, and related services11
5192 - Web search portals, libraries and archives, and all other information services4
5415 - Computer systems design and related services912

Source: Statistics Canada, Canadian Business Counts, December 2023.