Business Costs & Incentives

Focused on the competitive costs of doing business

One important advantage for business is that Oakville is in the province of Ontario, which has the lowest overall costs of doing business in the G7 countries.

Companies in Oakville enjoy corporate tax rates that are lower than the average federal-state rate in the U.S. For both employers and employees, healthcare costs are half of what they are in the U.S.

Companies of any size in Oakville know that these lower costs of doing business foster productivity and growth. They also benefit from highly-competitive local costs including development charges, tax rates and utilities.

Global Talent Stream Referral Program– Category A

The Town of Oakville is a designated referral partner for Category A of the Global Talent Stream program through Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada. Through this program, Oakville can refer an innovative company looking to hire unique and specialized global talent to help the firm scale-up and grow.

The partner referral program is administered through the Economic Development department. To get started, review the program requirements and connect with staff:

Brownfields Community Improvement Plan

Brownfields Community Improvement Plan

Brownfields Community Improvement Plan

Oakville's Brownfields Community Improvement Plan (CIP) was created to encourage private sector reinvestment in brownfields, bringing environmental, economic, and social benefits to the community.

The program is a proactive approach to support the remediation and redevelopment of brownfields through three financial incentive programs:

  • Environmental Study Grant (ESG) Program
  • Tax Increment Grant (TIG) Program
  • Tax Assistance Program (TAP)

Explore the Community Improvement Plan


Water, natural gas and electricity are highly competitive with other municipalities in the GTA. For information on current rates please contact the service provider.

Halton Region Water

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Oakville Hydro

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Union Gas

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Oakville offers robust and scalable telecommunications and fibre optics networks that provide a full complement of services to customers. Telecommunications providers include these leading companies:

Bell Canada

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Development Charges

The Town of Oakville has competitive development charges when compared to the rest of the Greater Toronto Area.

More information on the Town of Oakville's development charges and the most current rates are available on the Development Charges page.


Source: Various municipal websites January 2021. Additional or area specific charges may apply in some communities.

Demolition Credits

Credits will be provided against applicable development charges where building or structures have been demolished to permit the redevelopment of the property. These credits will expire five years after the issuance of the demolition permit. The credit is based on the number and type of residential units demolished and/or the total floor area and type of non-residential building or structures demolished.

Applicants should contact the town's Financial Planning department to determine the applicable charges that may apply to specific development proposals.

Corporate Income Taxes

Companies that locate in Oakville have a distinct tax advantage compared to other locations around the world. Ontario's corporate income tax rate (combined provincial/federal rate) is lower than the average corporate income tax rate in the United States and lower than the average of the G20 countries.

The charts below show the comparisons.

Combined Federal-Ontario General Corporate Income Tax Rate

Marginal Effective Tax Rate (METR) on New Business

Source: Ontario Ministry of Finance, 2016 Budget via  Invest In Ontario website. Additional information on Ontario's corporate income tax is available on the Ministry of Finance website.

Property Taxes

Oakville's property tax rates, particularly for office development, are highly competitive when compared to surrounding municipalities in the Greater Toronto Area.

Note: all percentages have been rounded to two decimal points
Source: Various municipal website, January 2021.


The Canadian and Ontario governments offer a variety of grants, loans, tax credits and support services for businesses located in Ontario.

The Invest in Ontario website provides an overview of incentive programs and services available to help make it easy to grow your business. These programs include help to lower your corporate taxes and help your company save on labour costs, research and development, and expansion activities.