Welcome Back, Oakville Marketing Templates

Join the community-wide Welcome Back Oakville campaign to promote supporting local in Oakville. Download digital ad templates and use the hashtag #WelcomeBackOakville to amplify your voice. Task Force Partners will share Welcome Back Oakville social media posts to help promote your business throughout the summer months.

Image files are provided below in .jpeg and .png formats. Use the .png file to customize the graphic with an image of your business on Canva.

Are we missing a tagline for your business? Let us know by emailing econdev@oakville.ca. The Welcome Back Oakville campaign will grow and evolve to suit business needs, and as the province lifts restrictions for reopening.

General safety

To new safety standards (.zip)

To familiar faces and safe places (.zip)


To your favourite patios (.zip)

To curbside pick-up options (.zip)


To shopping local (.zip)


To your home away from home (.zip)

Personal care

You look like you could use a haircut (.zip)

Isn't it time for a little pampering (.zip)

Health & wellness

Active and feeling fit (.zip)

FTo fitness classes with new safety standards (.zip)